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We know when you think about your Toyota’s performance brakes are not the first thing that comes to mind. You might like to think about things like gas mileage, towing, and horsepower. However, stopping is just as important if not more important than all of those things. The Service Center at Earl Stewart Toyota is committed to keeping your Toyota in optimal condition and servicing your brakes is part of what we do here every day!If you hear squealing or grinding noises while braking, have pulling to on side or “grabbing”, feel pulsations of the brake pedal during braking, or hear clicking noises during braking you should have your vehicle inspected to ensure its braking system is functioning as it should.

You can help your Toyota perform at its best by using Genuine Toyota parts. Our Toyota brakes are specially engineered to provide the best braking performance, smooth stopping ability, produce less dust, and give you a quieter ride. And, since our brake pads match the ones that originally came on your Toyota you will get the same great performance and they will last longer than a generic alternative. Genuine Toyota brakes meet Toyota’s standards for performance, help to ensure your safety, are manufactured with materials that are designed to maintain the dynamics engineered in Toyota braking systems, and the backing plates are precision machined to allow brake pads to move freely within the calipers for smooth and efficient operation.



Choosing Genuine Toyota Parts Just Makes Sense – Original Equipment Quality is Built In!

  • Toyota Brake pads are 100% Asbestos Free
  • Toyota Brake pads create less dust so your wheels will be cleaner
  • Because they are the same brake pads your Toyota had on it originally you will get that “Like-New” feel
  • OE powder coating technology to resist corrosion
  • Our Genuine Toyota brakes have positive-fit noise insulating shims
  • Toyota Brake pads have longer pad life for enhanced value
  • Toyota Brake pads offer quieter braking through full ceramic construction
  • Toyota Brake pads provide smoother stopping and consistent pedal feel for added confidence
  • Toyota Brake pads are designed with optimal rotor-compatibility to reduce pedal pulsation

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