Technician Certifications

The absolute highest level of accomplishment for a Toyota Technician is Master Diagnostic Technician (MDT). Think of the MDT as the “Dr. House” of the vehicle service and repair world. These are the guys who can find the problem and fix it when no one else can.

They are the true geniuses of modern auto repair.

At Earl Stewart Toyota we have three Toyota Master Diagnostic Technician (MDT) technicians, with one additional technician that has passed the test and is on track to be recognized late 2014.

That will put us at four MDTs!

To put this in perspective, if a Toyota dealership has one Master Diagnostic Technician it is big news.

At Earl Stewart Toyota, we have three! Also, we have an Expert Technician and a Master Technician.


Gllen Ballard
Certified Master Diagnostic Technician/Foreman
Rick Kearney
Certified Master Diagnostic Technician
Rex Andrews
Certified Technician
Allan Flores
Certified Technician/Team Leader


Toyota Certification Levels

There are four levels of certified technicians at Toyota. Each successive level requires more education and carries additional responsibilities.
Master Diagnostic
No Tenure Required24 Months of Toyota Experience Required60 Months of Toyota Experience Required60 Months of Toyota Experience Required
Complete Designated Toyota CoursesComplete All Designated Toyota Courses2 Additional University of Toyota CoursesEarn L-1 Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification
Complete 8 American Service Excellence (ASE) CertificationsPass Master Diagnostic Technician Certification Test with at least 80%