What Really Makes Us Different?

“Our company’s purpose is to make the car buying and servicing experiences enjoyable ones for our customers. In doing so, and leading by example, we hope to bring integrity and respectability to the image of car dealers everywhere.”

These words – our statement of purpose – tell us what we are doing and why we are doing it… it doesn’t tell us how we are doing it. How are we actually making car buying and servicing pleasurable? Of course we offer the obvious (and much-publicized) things like not charging dealer fees, 1price, Red Hotline phones, and Tires for Life. However, it is the routine, day-by-day customer experiences that truly make Earl Stewart Toyota different. Every decision made by every employee that affects a customer is guided by this question: If this customer was an dear friend, how would I decide?

Many companies overuse the phrase “The customer is always right”; At Earl Stewart Toyota, what matters is that the customer believes she or he is right. That is an important distinction.

This philosophy is sacred to us. It is what has allowed us to be successful while making an important contribution to the lives of our employees and our community.


Car buying and servicing – enjoyable experiences? That is a radical notion… and it’s happening at Earl Stewart Toyota.


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