Toyota Key Fob Replacement

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It happens — you can be looking for the signs that your Toyota key fob battery needs to be replaced for your Tundra, and sometimes you can still find yourself with a non-functioning key fob in Palm Beach County. Your Toyota key fob is plenty tough, but sometimes the battery dies, or you might lose it and need a Toyota key fob replacement. Find out how to replace your keyfob battery or your entire Toyota keyfob with Earl Stewart Toyota. 

Toyota Key Fob Battery Replacement

If you find yourself in West Palm Beach with a Toyota key fob that isn’t working, most likely you don’t need to invest in a Toyota key fob replacement, you just need a Toyota key fob battery replacement. Usually, the Toyota key fob battery is an easy-to-find CR2032 that you can purchase in many hardware or big-box stores around Palm Beach Gardens for under five dollars. Here’s how to do a Toyota key fob battery replacement: 

  1. Open your key fob with by removing your metal key and using a screwdriver or a coin to open the keyfob at the notch in the casing.
  2. Lift up the circuit board and find the battery.
  3. Make a note of what kind of battery it is and the way it sits in the case. 
  4. After getting your Toyota key fob battery replacement, place it in your key fob case and close.
  5. Test your key fob with the new battery. If it isn’t working, open the case again and make sure the connections are clean and they’re making contact with the battery. If you’re still having trouble, you should get a Toyota key fob replacement or reach out to our service department.

Toyota Key Fob Replacement

It’s easy to get a Toyota key fob replacement if you’ve lost yours or if you’d like to have a spare on-hand. You can get a Toyota key fob replacement through our parts department in Lake Park. You’ll need your car’s VIN to purchase a new Toyota key fob. 

Get Genuine Toyota Parts at Earl Stewart Toyota!

Now that you know how to get a Toyota key fob replacement, get more parts tips and tricks from the Earl Stewart Toyota parts department! From necessities like Toyota key fobs to fun and functional accessories that make your Toyota your own, our parts department is here to help! 

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