No. Dealer Fees. Ever.

Dealer fees are charges added to the price of a car. They appear alongside legitimate state fees, like title and registration, but they are anything but legitimate. Dealer fees represent nothing but additional, hidden profit to the dealer.

3-13-14 no dealer fee2Dealer fees allow dealers to advertise prices far below what they will actually sell the car for, and then tack on these bogus charges after a price has been agreed upon.

How much are dealer fees? A lot! Dealer fees range from as low as $299 to well over $2,000! They also have many different names, just to make things even more confusing: doc fees, dealer prep, dealer services, etc…

Earl Stewart Toyota believes a fair price, offered up front without haggling and without bogus add-on fees, is the honest way to do business!

For more information on how you can protect yourselves, friends, and family from falling victim to a dealer fee, please click here to check out Earl’s blog article.

Please take a few seconds to let the Florida Legislature know that you’d like to see the dealer fee outlawed by signing our petition: