How to Reset Toyota Maintenance Light

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Is the Toyota maintenance required light flashing on your dashboard? Not to worry! Your Toyota maintenance light is simply notifying you that you’re due for a scheduled service appointment. This light will typically begin flashing 5,000 miles after your last oil change. Find out how to reset your Toyota maintenance light below! Then, visit us at our Earl Stewart Toyota Service Center as soon as you can to get the repairs you need!

How to Reset Your Toyota Maintenance Light: A Step-by-Step Guide

We understand that you’re probably eager to reset your Toyota maintenance required light, however you’ll need to figure out why the light started flashing in the first place. You could be due for a tire rotation, oil change, or some other necessary service. After you determine the cause of your Toyota maintenance light turning on, you have two choices: you can either reset your light before stopping by our Lake Park Service Center or keep it on until your next visit. If you choose the former, you’ll want to follow the steps outlined below: 

  • Turn On Your Car: Insert your car key into the ignition, and turn it to “On” but don’t start the car.
  • Locate Trip Reset Button: Click and hold the trip reset button located near the odometer until you see “Trip A” appear on the center screen.
  • Turn Off Car: Continue to hold the trip reset button and turn the key back to the “Off” position. 
  • Turn Car Back On: Turn the key to “On”. 
  • Reset Odometer: Keep holding the trip reset button until the number on the odometer reaches 0. You’ve successfully reset the Toyota maintenance light. 

Get First-Rate Service at Earl Stewart Toyota Today!

If you’re due for routine service, we strongly recommend reaching out to us at Earl Stewart Toyota today! We can find a time to visit that best fits your schedule, perform a multi-point inspection on your vehicle, and reset your Toyota maintenance required light if you need assistance. Just be sure to explore our available service specials before you stop by to save yourself money! 


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