How to Check Car Oil Level

Oil dip stick being checked

Your vehicle’s engine oil is essential to your smooth operation on Palm Beach County roads, and by learning how to check the oil level in a car, you can ensure the engine is properly lubricated and functioning as it should. Easily schedule your routine oil service with the team at Earl Stewart Toyota, but between appointments, learn how to check the car oil level at your Lake Park-area home. 

Steps for How to Check Oil Level in Car

There are many DIY car care tasks you can perform at your West Palm Beach-area home to stay on top of your vehicle’s health. For how to check car oil levels, start by checking your owner’s manual to see if your vehicle is equipped with an electronic oil monitor or a traditional dipstick. Then, follow these steps below for checking oil with a traditional dipstick:

  1. Ensure your vehicle is parked on level ground, and let the vehicle sit for a few minutes to give the engine time to cool. 
  2. Prop open the vehicle’s hood and find where the dipstick is located.
  3. Fully remove the dipstick from it’s tube, and wipe it clean. 
  4. Re-inserting the dipstick back into the engine is how to check the car oil level accurately. As you pull it out again, the cross-hatched area or marks on the dipstick shows where the oil levels are. When the oil level falls between the indicated area, that means the engine oil is at a good level.
  5. If you find the oil levels are below the marks on the dipstick, you’ll need to add in the correct oil type recommended in your owner’s manual. Then, simply remove the oil filler cap, and add small amounts of oil until the dipstick shows it falls within the acceptable range.

Importance of Checking Car Oil Level

From exciting Palm Beach Gardens off-road adventures to the daily commute, every driver has different driving habits. While the routine oil change ensures you have clean oil to properly lubricate your engine, learning how to check your car oil let’s you know your vehicle has the oil it needs for smooth performance, and helps you identify oil leaks before they become a larger problem. Once, you notice steam rising from under the hood, or feel the hood is hot to the touch, that indicates an oil leak is causing the engine to overheat. Learn more about the cause of an overheating engine, and be sure to seek service immediately. 

Explore Service Tips with Earl Stewart Toyota!

Now that you have an idea of how to stay on top of your engine oil, learn more service tips with the team at Earl Stewart Toyota. Go further into your oil car and learn how to change the oil in a Toyota, then read about how to properly reset the maintenance light. We have plenty of service tips for your car care, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions along the way.

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