How to Reset Maintenance Light on a Toyota Camry

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If you’re wondering how to reset maintenance light on a Toyota Corolla, Earl Stewart Toyota has you covered. Whether your vehicle needs an oil change or road trip maintenance, the light signals that it’s time to bring it to a qualified service center. Learn more about the maintenance light and how to go about turning it off, or stop by our service center near West Palm Beach.

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How to Turn Off Maintenance Light on Toyota Camry

If you’ve already taken care of the maintenance task, but the light remains on, you may need to manually reset it. Follow these steps to turn the maintenance light off.

  1. Insert the key and turn it to the first setting you can turn it to.
  2. Press and hold the odometer button while you turn your key to position two. That should be the first position before you actually start the car.
  3. Hold the odometer button down for 10 seconds. The maintenance light will flash and beep, and then the light should turn off.
  4. Stop pressing the odometer button then start the car. At this point, the maintenance light should be off. If it comes back on, try the process two to three more times. Still no luck? You’ll want to head to your nearest Toyota service center near Palm Beach Gardens.

What Does a Toyota Maintenance Light Mean?

Before you reset the maintenance light in your Toyota Camry, you’ll want to make sure all regular maintenance is taken care of. A warning light turns on to let you know that you’ve reached the mileage for a regular service interval, and that can include an oil change, tire rotation, spark plug replacement, a new battery or another maintenance task. Performing this kind of regular service can extend the life of your Toyota Camry, so be sure to keep up with the maintenance schedule.

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Our certified technicians are happy to take a look at the cause of your Toyota maintenance light and see what service needs taken care. Visit our service center near Palm Beach County today!

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