Don’t Purchase Nitrogen Filled Tires

January 17th, 2017 by


Everyone knows how important it is to keep your tires filled with enough air. Failure to do so can end up ruining your tires and decreasing the levels of performance and efficiency in your vehicle. In an effort to decrease the number of times you have to have your tires filled, some dealers and consumers have bought into the idea of filling tires with nitrogen instead of regular compressed air. That’s a big mistake, and here’s why.

The Pitch They Sell You

If you’ve ever been in a service center where they try to sell you nitrogen for your tires, the pitch they give you to try to get you to buy in can be quite convincing. The idea is that because 100% nitrogen gas expands less under pressure than regular compressed air, you will end up having to fill your tires less often. They might even tell you that NASA ships, airplanes, and NASCAR racecars all use 100% nitrogen in their tires. All that is perfectly true, but here’s the catch.

The Truth of the Matter

The thing is, you’re not driving a racecar or rocket ship, and regular compressed air is already made up of 78% nitrogen. For normal daily use, then, the regular compressed air you use should work perfectly fine. Besides, even if you have your tires filled with nitrogen you’ll need to have them pumped up from time to time, but buyers can sometimes become overconfident about these tires and fail to have them filled up on time. What’s more is that while the actual cost for the dealership to fill up your tires with nitrogen is somewhere around 25 cents, but most dealerships will charge you hundreds of dollars for this service.

Get Your Tires Filled for Free

When you bring your vehicle in for standard maintenance and repairs, most service centers will check your tires and fill them up with regular compressed air free of charge. At Earl Stewart Toyota, we’re happy to check your tires for you when you bring your car in, just like we check other important parts of your vehicle to make sure everything is in good working order. Got questions? Feel free to contact us at (561) 844-3461, and come in and see us for auto service at 1215 US-1 in Lake Park, FL.

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