Watch Out for these Car Buying Red Flags

October 26th, 2016 by


Figuring out which make and model you want to buy is only half the battle. You also have to figure out where you want to buy your new vehicle – and that’s not always easy. If you want to feel confident that you’re working with the right dealership, watch out for these car buying red flags.

Low Prices if You Buy Today

A lot of dealerships will tell you that you can get an amazingly low price if you buy a car today. Wait until tomorrow and the savings disappear. This situation puts a lot of pressure on you the buyer. Plus, it almost always a lie. Most discounts are available all the time, meaning you can get the lowest price no matter when you buy. A good dealership will focus on lowering your bill, not rushing your purchase.

Unprecedented Discounts

How many times has a car salesman told you that he will offer a “huge,” “exciting,” “unprecedented” discount on the price of a new car? They will slash the price, but only because they have inflated it first. In the end, you really don’t save that much money. Dealerships find all kinds of ways to mark up the price with hidden fees and secret costs. Look for a dealership that offers transparent prices and won’t tack unnecessary fees onto your bill.

Overnight Test Drives

Car dealers eager to make a sale will often let you take a car home for the night for an “extended” test drive. In some ways this is helpful because it lets you spend more time with the car, but it also makes it a lot harder to give the car up after your friends and family have seen it. The truth is that most new cars feel like an upgrade, but many are not the right upgrade for you. Don’t work with a dealership that seems eager to sell you every car you see. Work with one that is eager to find the right car for you wants, needs, and budget.

Earl Stewart Toyota Believes in Honesty and Integrity

Even if you’re able to identify car buying red flags, finding a great dealership can still be a challenge. Visit Earl Stewart Toyota at 1215, US-1, Lake Park, FL, and give us a chance to earn your trust. We never tack on dealer fees, and always have our cars marked as 1Price – our lowest price possible. It’s time relax and enjoy your automotive experience.

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