Your New Car’s Tires Won’t Last Long. Here’s Why.

April 26th, 2016 by

If you’ve just bought a new car, there’s a very good chance your tires won’t last as long as you’d expect. Though they may be brand new, it boils down to the fact that the tires you get when you buy your new car usually aren’t designed by a major manufacturer brand like Firestone, Michelin, or Goodyear. Even if you see one of the big tire brand names on the car, it is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) set of tires designed by the automaker. So what difference does this make?

No Warranty

When you purchase your new vehicle, it comes with a basic warranty that covers your vehicle “bumper to bumper” for a certain number of miles. Unfortunately for the consumer the tires you drive off the lot with are not included in that warranty. As such, the manufacturer does not have any vested interested in ensuring they are built to last.

Built for Ride Quality, Not Durability

When people go to the dealership to test drive a new car, auto manufacturers know most drivers are looking for smooth ride quality when they take it out on the road. That’s why new car tires use softer rubber. Softer rubber provides more give on the road, more easily absorbing bumps and cracks in the road to make the ride quality feel softer than it normally would.

For the same reason, there’s also a good chance that the tires on the lot are at a lower “psi” air pressure level than is recommended by the tire maker. Unfortunately, while soft rubber and lower inflation levels might make for a more comfortable ride up front, they lead to a shorter lifespan for the tires down the road. You can always pump up the tires more once you take it home, but you can’t make the rubber harder.

Get a Good Set of Tires

When you’re ready to get a new set of tires after the current set is worn out, spend more time looking at consumer reviews than brand names. The most important selling point is not whether the name is well known but if consumers have been happy with the performance and durability of the product. You can always contact us to learn what tires may be best for your vehicle. We’ll help you out, no strings attached.

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