Name Your Dog After Car Parts

August 21st, 2017 by

Toyota Sienna

We all know the perfect driving companion is our beloved pup, so why not name your dog after car parts? Choosing a unique name for your next rescue dog gives a glimpse into the love affair you two will share for years to come. Are you looking for a muscly protector, an active running partner, or a snuggle buddy with a name, fitting or ironic, to reflect that? We’ve come up with a comprehensive list to let you and your next dog show your auto pride! By now, you already know we proudly support Big Dog Ranch Rescue in Loxahatchee, Florida. So, if you’re ready to adopt, we featured some of their adoptable dogs below!

Truck Part Names: From Pit Bulls to Great Danes and All the Mutts In Between

Probably the most popular car-related dog name is Diesel, named after the fuel-type many trucks require, but let’s delve deeper into the world of trucks. Trucks have more rugged, high-performing parts to match up with tough, loveable, big breeds like Great Danes, including:

  • Muffler – Usually mounted near the exhaust pipe, this component muffles the noise caused by the release of pressurized gas from the engine.
  • Chrome – Chrome auto parts, such as bumpers and wheels, give any truck a down-to-business look!
  • Rusty – While not an auto part, of course, it’s still a great name for a loyal pup—and truck, too!
  • Axle – This is the bar that connects the wheels in the front and rear.

Let’s Get Sporty: Retrievers, Spaniels, and Shepherds

If you lean more towards agile breeds, there are car part names suited for your high-energy furry friend, too! Be reminded of your sporty automotive adventures every time you call out a name like:

  • Torque – This term expresses how much force a car can produce in any given gear.
  • Turbo – The turbocharger in an internal combustion engine uses exhaust gases to “spool up” and give the cylinders a power boost.
  • Hydro – Hydraulics are often installed on a vehicle to adjust its height, giving it a lowered, road-hugging appearance.
  • Piston – Located in the cylinder block of the engine, pistons push the force of expanding gas to the crankshaft.
  • Clutch – The component transfers engine torque to the drivetrain, allowing the wheels to spin and move the car forward.

Check Out Earl Stewart Toyota’s Dog of the Month

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